December 29th, 2015
Live at Romantso

December 28th, 2014
Live at Ronantso

August 2014
Working at Kythnos

January 4th, 2014
Live at Poems and crimes art bar

December 29th, 2013
Live at Frown (album release)

August 2013
Album recordings at Kythnos

December 12th, 2012
"Σκοτεινή Αγάπη μιας Άγριας Γενιάς" (Dark Love of a Wild Generation), (47mins, 2012) - Film Documentary by our friend Ellie Tsatsou on our second circle of work is now released. 

December 10th, 2012
Film Documentary on our second circle of work will be released this week. 

December 28th
LIVE at S.i.x D.o.g.s

October 5th, 2012
Kythnos recordings are now uploaded

August 26th, 2012
Mixing Kythnos recordings

July 31st, 2012
Back from Kythnos